The Future Starts Here

The task of rebuilding Rugby League in London begins today with the launch of Phoenix RL; Fulham’s true successor.

A Supporters Trust, based on Supporters Direct guidelines, will be formed with the intention of building a sustainable Supporter owned Club in South West / West London. The Club will aim for professional Status in 2015 while building a stable base for the game based on its own facilities and deep links in the local and Rugby League communities.

A brief overview of the task in hand is posted here in the document “Championship 2015 and Beyond”, and a kickoff meeting will be called very shortly. Its a chance for us to build a future for Rugby League, and to show that passion and love for the game can bring long term success.

Phoenix RL


2 responses to “The Future Starts Here

  1. Good luck with this venture. I hope London’s RL fans buy into this idea.

    [url=]Rugby League Universe[/url]

  2. Hello, I am interested in reading what you’ve done here and would be interested to hear how you have developed the idea and worked with supporters direct. I am based in West Yorkshire and I am a very disgruntled Bradford fan. Could you drop me a line? (

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