Steady as She Goes

Early reaction to the plan has been very positive. I’m happy to say that a good number of people agree that we have to start doing it right in West / South West London to deliver a real legacy for the last thirty years and give young Londoners the opportunity to play our great game at whatever level they can.

I’ve been working with Supporters Direct on producing a wider “Vision” to broaden the debate about this. I am convinced that the Supporters Trust model is vital to delivering the broad based Club that can bring success. I’m hoping that those who have expressed an interest in joining the Trust – don’t forget to sign up HERE to be kept up to date – will see something during this week.

Supporters Direct are also helping to ensure that the wider game is aware that this is a serious project – we’ll have to see in the coming weeks how that work goes. Still some work to do before we hold an actual kick-off meeting. Again I’ll let you know as soon as this is planned.

There has been some press interest as well on this. It looks like there will be stories in the next League Weekly and Forty-20 magazine.



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